Where the money goes

Every year, we give away ten of thousands of pounds, all raised locally by the wonderful members of our community. Whether you help at Fireworks, chuck a quid into an Elves bucket or buy a ticket to see Bristol's, biggest and best charity fireworks event. You have helped support the great good causes do their work. To apply for funding. see our grants page.

Bath Romans Wheelchair Basketball Club 

The season is now over and Kay Millar,  (Captain of the Womens team) recently sent us these kind words... "As the women’s captain and an athlete that is passionate about empowering women to be successful in a men saturated game, I know this has had a profound impact on our visibility and presence within the sport.   Players have also reported that their kit is more comfortable as it is better suited to their body size and shape.

We entered this season aiming to place 5th out of 9th in our league, using this season to step up our game and leverage into a better position next season.  As a fairly new team with a range of experience, we were comfortable with this target.  However, I am pleased to share that we came 3rd out of 9th, with all players showing significant improvements and our teamwork leading the way for this incredible success.  We are so proud of all of our women and hope that you share our pride, knowing you supported us to achieve that goal.

Once again, I express my sincere thanks for your support and we look forward to carrying forward your legacy into next season."

Green Community Travel

A huge thank you to Downend Round Table for their wonderful and generous donation to us at GCT following on from their incredible firework event.

We support residents in Downend and also bring passengers into Downend which helps the local economy, some of our passenger's favourite destinations for lunches are in Downend!

Our service provides accessible and affordable transport for those that cannot access public transport, this could be due to age, mobility, disability, living in a rural area, needing a supportive travel environment and much more.

We know the positive impact it has to our passengers's wellbeing, happiness and life satisfaction.

The donation helps to support our organisation and we are incredibly grateful to the members of this wonderful organisation for considering GCT.

Hedgehog Rescue Chipping Sodbury

We have recently donated £500 to @hogrescuechippingsodbury to support more hedgehogs and release as many healthy hogs as possible after hibernation 

Raeyah's Hands of Support

From money raised at our Fireworks' display, we have recently donated £5,000 to Raeyah's Hands of Support

All money raised at Downend Round Table Fireworks is donated to local causes.

Our donation will help provide toys and sensory equipment for the Children's hospital.

"Raeyah's Hands of Support was established in June 2023 after four year old Raeyah Evans Rice, lost her fight with stage 4 High risk nephroblastoma, the most common paediatric renal cancer affecting around 100 children each year in the UK. The charity supports children with autism going through cancer treatment."


Pauls Place

From money raised at our Fireworks' display, we have recently donated £2,000 to Paul's Place!  All money raised at Downend Round Table Fireworks is donated to local causes.

"Paul's Place is a local charity working to enhance the lives of physically disabled adults. As well as running a daily activity centre, they also have an Evening/Day trip programme. Unfortunately, many disabled adults report feeling lonely and isolated, cut off from the world. The activities that Paul's Place can provide give people an opportunity to socialise, be independent and have something to look forward to. Without Paul's Place, many of their members say they would simply be sat at home staring at the same four walls with not much else, so this project really is vital."

Helping Homeless Believe

. We've donated £3,000 to Helping Homeless Believe (HHB)! HHB are a Bristol Based Charity providing Outreach Support for those deemed most vulnerable in our society those without a safe place to call home 

Julian Trust

We've donated £7,000 in memory of the great Alan Webber to the Julian Trust for a new shelter to help protect their clients whilst waiting to get into the venue for a hot meal or bed for the night.