Apply For Funding

The cornerstone of Round Table is the desire to do good. As part of our wide range of activities, we not only raise funds for local good causes, we work with charities, those in need, local clubs in fact anyone who might need a bit of help.

The main guidelines we use on deciding to allocate funds are based on locality, specificity and need. This means :

These are not rules, part of the benefits of being such a local charity is that we can make rapid decisions without a complex bureacracy.

So, please never be put off from contacting us, there are no complex forms, no certification process to go through. We'll just have a chat to decide what's best.

Of course, as this is charity money, the trustees do have a duty of care as to how the funds are allocated and all donations are audited and reported to the Charity Commission in line with our statutory obligations..

So please contact us at or complete our short form and someone will get back to you. We are all volunteers, so it might take a couple of days for a response.