Why Join Us?

The real attraction of Round Table goes far beyond this, because what new members find is that once they have joined, there is a unique combination of elements that is simply not available elsewhere.

Round Table is all about trying a diverse range of fun activities that you wouldn’t normally do or have the opportunity to do as an individual, with a group of people from different backgrounds, that you wouldn’t normally meet. You can learn all sorts of new skills, while making a real difference to your local community, and it’s not just local — it’s global, with clubs in more than 65 countries, on every continent on the world.

We’re just normal local guys, some with families, some without. We aim to have a lot of fun but also to put something back into the local community. Ever been to the Downend Fireworks show? That’s us and has been for 40+ years raising money for local charitable causes.

If you would like to take advantage of this unique combination of elements that has the power to change lives, get in touch.

You never know where it might take you.