Downend Round Table

Welcome to Downend Round Table!

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact in your local community while building lasting friendships? Look no further! Downend Round Table is a fun organisation dedicated to serving our community through various charitable events (Go Fireworks), social activities, and personal development opportunities. If you're looking for something different, fed up with the humdrum routine of work, tv and bed, then give us a shout.

Downend Round Table is part of an international organisation known as Round Table, which has been making a difference since its inception in 1927. Our local group consists of blokes from all walks of life, ranging from young lads to seasoned businessmen. We come together to have some fun and raise some money along the way.

So far this year, we've travelled to Berlin, played croquet, been shooting, visited the pub a few times, helped Santa with his Sleigh and run the South Wests largest charity fireworks show.

Our Mission:

At Downend Round Table, we believe in making a positive impact on the lives of those around us and creating a better future for everyone. By working together, we can achieve so much more than we ever could individually. As well as doing lots of the "fun stuff", we raise money for distribution to local good causes.

What We Do:

As a member of Downend Round Table, you will have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities. From organizing Bristol's biggest Charity Fireworks display to driving to Monte Carlo, there's always something exciting happening. We also host regular social events, where you can forge lifelong friendships, network with like-minded individuals, and create lasting memories.

If you want to know more contact us @, typically you'll get invited along to the next event, whether it be axe throwing, canoeing or just a pint up the pub. Someone will give you a lift and that's about it, no commitment, no funny handshakes, hopefully just a bit of a laugh.