Fireworks 2019 Charity

Fireworks Main Charity 2019

Every year Downend Round Table raises tens of thousands of pounds in the local area with YOUR support.   Remember coming to our fireworks display last year? Or perhaps standing outside on a cold winter evening waiting for the Santa Sleigh? Yes? Well you are supporting these great charities and local good causes.

During the initial planning stages for Downend Round Table Fireworks, members are polled to nominate a main charity to support. Previous partners have been Survive, Jessie May Trust and MNDa, Marie Curie & Brace who received £5000 or more each to support their work.

This year, we asked local charities to contact us and put a presentation forward for our support, there were some very deserving candidates, but Network Counselling & Training captured our hearts.

Network Counselling & Training Bristol 

Why Counselling? At times in our lives we all encounter difficult or painful experiences which we need to talk through with someone else.

Further information

There is much more information available on the national sands website: or if you’re coming to Downend Round Table Fireworks, why not visit their stand at the display and speak directly to the local volunteers, for any information or support.