Let’s start off with the elephant in the room…

Are you a secret society ?
No. Non, Nien, Nope, definitely not, no way jose, er….No

Do you have “special” handshakes?
I think you may be confusing us with someone else. We do shake hands when we meet, but most blokes do.

Is it formal?
It certainly has been in the past however with time it is becoming less so. Suits may be worn for some of the meet ups and there are occasional “black tie” dos.

Isn’t it only for middle-aged, middle-class businessmen?
No, definitely not.  We are men aged between 18 and 45, from all sorts of occupations, social and ethnic groups, and different backgrounds. This is what makes Round Table unique..

Isn’t it all a bit old fashioned?
The organisation keeps evolving and reinventing itself, although the fundamentals remain the same which are trying new experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise have tried, with friends you wouldn’t have otherwise met. Blokes will always enjoy a drink, shooting things, driving things and having a laugh. If we can help the community as well then this will never become old fashioned.

How much does it cost?
For over 25s It works out at £8.29 per month plus the cost of your local activities. For under 25s the first two years of membership are FREE, so only the cost of local activities.

Is Round Table a fundraising organisation?
Fund Raising and Charity are often incendental to the events that are put on. If they raise a few quid all the better however it is certainly not the first objective.

Is Round Table time-consuming?
Round Tables usually  meet up twice a month (normally on a week night). It is entirely down to you how much you put in and, like everything in life, the more you enjoy it the more you want to do. What you will get is a couple hours every few weeks when the rest of the world doesn’t matter. It is worth remembering we all have jobs to go to and family time so we know the situation.

Do you have to be invited by a member to join ?
Nope – Round Table is totally open.  Most people come along for a few weeks to see what it’s like before they decide to join.

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