Downend Round Table #DOMORE

Its been a busy year for Downend Round Table with massive events such as Dragons Den, Monte Carlo or Bust as well as shooting, zorbing, beer, rock climbing, abseiling, camping and an air show.Dragons Den - where the money from Fireworks goes.

Now with Downend Round Table Fireworks 2015 spectacularly completed, its time for the lads that can to have a bit of fun in the run up to Christmas.

Monte Carlo or Bust - Could be you next year?As well as all the fun activities we do, we also help the big man from the North Pole visit the children of South Glocs. Keep an eye out as we add routes and information to our Santa page. #HOHOHO

Downend Round Table is growing fast, so if you’d like to find out more or just want to get updates on Fireworks 2015, follow us at